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Numerous landslides careened down the rugged terrain—and a deadly avalanche swept down Mount Everest. Each jerky advance causes earthquakes of varying intensity.

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Envisioned as an annual exercise, the Composite Water Management Index CWMIto evaluate States, has been developed by the NITI Aayog and comprises 9 broad sectors with 28 different indicators covering various aspects of groundwater, restoration of water bodies, irrigation, farm practices, drinking water, policy and governance.

On the other hand, the index noted, several of the high and medium performers — Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Telangana — had faced droughts in recent years.

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The human toll was staggering. But the relationship between these two kinds of earthquakes and how they loosen the growing strain is still fuzzy. But it is plausible that two regions could let go in tandem, creating an even bigger quake. The Himalayan region of Kashmir is at the heart of a year conflict between the nuclear-armed foes, with both sides laying claim to the conflict-riven territory.

The rest is used for non-potable purposes like mopping and cleaning.

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India’s water crisis: The clock is ticking