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A further line of evidence proposes that female and male brains demonstrate different patterns of intra-hemispheric and inter-hemispheric connectivity.

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Trends Cogn Sci. Random House; It's not just the size of the brain, they say, it's what's inside that counts.

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The other is gender, which is influenced largely by the socialization process. Reference Source [ Google Scholar ] White matter is the key to spatial tasks - knowing where things are in relation to other things - and men consistently do better on this kind of exercise.

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As an example, they suggest male and female genitalia or X and Y chromosomes that appear in just two forms with some exceptions. Katherine Snedacker, the founder of PINK Concussions, stated, "We focus on brain injury including concussions through sports, domestic violence, accidents and military service. Many of these claims are accompanied by the assertion that the observed differences between men and women's brains are 'hard-wired' and, therefore, irreversible. With respect to understanding psychological gender differences, individual learning experiences, culture, gender stereotypes, gender equity, and biosocial interaction are of the utmost importance 9. But there are no rules without an exception. This valence specificity is particularly evident for the amygdala. For every male or female who is 'stereotypical', I can think of another who isn't. The most famous hypothesis of this type is proposed by Geschwind, Behan, and Galaburda the so-called Geschwind-Behan-Galaburda theory 47 — However, several studies have shown that performance in mental rotation strongly depends on practicing spatial functions as well as on educational and cultural background Throughout the years, many have claimed to have found gender differences in the brain, e. Typically, it is argued that women show a more bilateral activation pattern, for example during the processing of verbal information. The extreme male brain hypothesis has been used as an explanation for why autism is four times more prevalent in males than in females, and why people with autism can excel in disciplines such as maths and engineering.

Let us assume that we examine the performance in a particular cognitive task in men and women, whereby we obtain different performance measures for all subjects which will distribute normally and separately for men and women.

This similarity with respect to inter-hemispheric connectivity corresponds well to the apparent functional laterality similarity between sexes

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Although consistent gender differences are repeatedly reported and documented, Joel et al. One of the first is a study in which the female subjects, who did not use oral contraceptives, were scanned twice, once during their menses and once on the 11 th or 12 th day of the menstrual cycle Most differences are culturally determined Another relevant area is gender differences in the ability to visually identify and process certain categories of objects. There are also sex differences in the size of individual brain structures. In one recent study , neuroscientists compared the brains of 42 men and 58 women postmortem, and found that men's weighed an average of 1,g 3lb , compared with 1,g 2. Only a few studies have investigated the combined effects of sex hormones and gender stereotypes. It has a cascading effect on students, either up or down," said Reilly.
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