Write a report on the implications of entropy to a christian

The Bible teaches that God is uncaused, is not part of the universe, created the universe, and is incredibly powerful. By the same token, God does not need a partner. An obvious example is digestion, breaking down large complex food molecules into their simple building blocks. An irreversible process increases entropy. Consider a quickly growing infant, a healthy person in the prime of life, a sick person getting weaker every day, an old person whose body is slowly deteriorating, a victim of disease who is nearing death, a suddenly-lifeless corpse, and a corpse that has been decaying for a week or a decade. Building on this work, in Lazare's son Sadi Carnot published Reflections on the Motive Power of Fire which posited that in all heat-engines, whenever " caloric " what is now known as heat falls through a temperature difference, work or motive power can be produced from the actions of its fall from a hot to cold body. Finally, there is the Christian witness to the world. Psalm says that God is God without a beginning. A system will never get more ordered without outside intervention. Viewed that way, we can see the Second Law all about us. Any cause that is natural to the universe is part of the universe.

This thermodynamic inconsequence raises questions about how we know about the world, echoing the epistemological concerns of philosophers down the ages. The Second Law of Thermodynamics, however, has wider applications even in science than just beaches or chemical reactions.

entropy and christianity

We believe that by exercising and dieting and working hard and pulling ourselves up by our bootstraps, things will get better in life—although this often proves to be untrue. Another page examines theories proposing Apparent Age.

This is a universal truth.

Being separate from the universe, which was caused to be, it would not be subject to the laws of the universe since it existed independent of the universe and its laws. Many will still reject and belittle Christ and those who follow Him. Christians, of course, have an answer to these perplexing questions: God. Ham's young-earth view of protective power during history: full, partial, FULL. The Second Law of Thermodynamics says that unless outside energy is provided, a system will find its entropy disorder staying the same or increasing as time goes on. They become intellectually crippled and refuse to make that one further step. One of the most important subjects to an engineer is that of thermodynamics — the study of energy conversion from one form to another. If we wish to be built up, it can only occur from without.

Because the universe had a beginning, it is not infinite in size. Applying this same logic to religious impulses, we think that through Oprah and Dr Phil and yoga and Zen reflection and other new age-isms, we can somehow make ourselves more spiritual people.

In many way the law of entropy is a form of decay. To explain what I mean, I have to start with a little science lesson.

write a report on the implications of entropy to a christian
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The Second Law: Entropy and Theology