Use and abuse of computers essay

Misuse of internet: — There are numerous uses of internet.

effects of computer abuse

They have iPads, computers, and e-books which is also a tablet that can store millions of books. But then came the internet as the blessings of science and now people can not only talk to each other on phone, but also they can watch each other live sitting at home.

We can not think of a modern operation theater without the computer.

uses and abuses of internet essay 250 words

Today the uses of internet for the students has been very common. Using internet, we can access any information from anywhere that has been stored in the web.

Computers are used in applications ranging from running a farm to monitoring all environmental effects. It is used to send emails, online chat, online transactions, sharing files, access different web pages etc.

misuse of internet essay

Though there are a lot of advantages of internet, a few disadvantages of internet can also be seen. It is very much important unit of a computer.

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Essay on uses of internet II Uses and abuses of Internet