Understand physical disability 2 essay

If an individual applies for a job, they have just as good or even better qualifications than an individual without a physical disability but they may still be sidelined for someone who is fitter. Having a physical disability also changes the way a person lives their life.

People with disabilities perceived uncertainty about the unpredictable progression of their disability may instill in them a strong urgency to accomplish personal and vocational goals at a relatively fast rate compared to people without progressive disabilities.

Over time, children with disabilities realize that they are in some way different from most other people. Understand the importance of independence and inclusion for the individual with physical disability 4.

Neurological discribes the ilnessis what is caused by body nervous system its includesMotor Nueron disseaseParkinsons, Multiple Sclerosis and many more. Though chronic illness and disability include the risk of psychological problems, most individuals and families learn to cope with these conditions.

Therefore they may not be able to complete tasks that they have previously even daily activities of life such as preparing food or even brushing their teeth without help. This information can be used to help assist that person in the choices they make and help to know where their limits are.

characteristics of physical disability
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Understand Physical disability Essay Example