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Such a research can be carried out directly by the researcher himself or can employ a third party to conduct it on their behalf. Empirical Political Analysis 8th edition.

Government agencies have authentic information but sometimes may come with a nominal cost. This type of essay extends beyond the obvious answers and hopes to find more creative solutions. Eg:-we might interview 20 victims of bhopal tragedy.

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Feeling Stuck on Your Essay? This strategy is common among psychology and social work papers because they necessitate questionnaires for certain topics.

Organisational problems can be carefully translated into research problems to find a solution.

Exploratory research paper

Focus groups: Focus group is also a highly popular technique used to conduct exploratory research. While these techniques can provide intriguing insights, it is best to leave the tasks to the experts. Sometimes you may find the right information from your managers, sometimes from your customers and sometimes talking to your supply chain partners could help understand the issue better. This blog post aims to explain the differences between the two to help you better understand how to write and use them for research. Its data collection methods are highly rigid as compared to the unstructured and flexible approach used in exploratory research. Quantitative can also be called Analytical Research. Furthermore, commercial sources provide information on major topics like political agendas, demographics, financial information, market trends and information, etc. It is often referred to as grounded theory approach or interpretive research as it used to answer questions like what, why and how.
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Research Methods/Types of Research