Two wheeler market in bangladesh

the motorbike market in bangladesh present condition & future vision

For, eventually the brands will open manufacturing plants in Bangladesh but we dont have such resources or technical know-how.

Honda is opening a manufacturing plant by November this year. We got the approval to manufacture up to cc bikes locally for the export market. The highest growth took place in the cc segment, followed by cc ones, he said, adding that the market would grow about 30 percent in We also want to further improve the quality of the product and services we cater.

We have dropped the price of each motorcycle is more than Tk 12,he said. However, operators said the sector could not grow as expected in absence of finance from banks and financial institutions.

Government policy to increase manufacturing of motorcycle in Bangladesh to 5 lac by and doubling in by Many companies emerged with good products and faded away with the time.

The value of shipments to second biggest market Sri Lanka declined 3. Reverse factoring, which is broadly applied in other parts of the world, has yet to get broader acceptability in Bangladesh market.

Presently, only around 19 percent of households in Bangladesh have motorcycles, which is less than that of neighboring countries such as India where 47 percent of households have bikes. The highest growth took place in the cc segment, followed by cc ones.

In the facility we produce fuel tank, frame body, stands, handles etc.

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At $ million, Bangladesh is India's biggest two