To what extent was the vietnam

The agents were instructed to carry out sabotage and other subversive activities, standard C. In the end, MACV won out and Westmoreland's search and destroy concept, predicated on the attrition of enemy forces, won the day. The united states played a major role in Vietnam aiding the south.

But it is expansive and detailed, it is well written, and it sheds light on a good deal about U.

outcome of the vietnam war

The State of Vietnam declared independence on June 14,but remained under French rule until August 1, This civil war was between the Communist North and the Democratic South because of the fear of communism spreading to the South.

A lot of brainpower was wasted on those anti-Castro schemes. The Geneva Accords called for a national election to be held in Vietnam in ; that election was not held, but many people in the American government thought that Ho would have won.

President Johnson immediately sent thousands of. Lansdale was writing on water. He personally ordered the executions of hundreds of villagers in large groups.

June Learn how and when to remove this template message President Johnson had already appointed General William C.

What caused the vietnam war

He was a liberal internationalist. However, the USA was in Vietnam as a sort of protection for the South Vietnamese people, who had a weaker army force, but only a few thousand Americans were in Vietnam for that purpose at the time. The Japanese had decided to take over Vietnam in Therefore, there would be no invasion of North Vietnam, the "neutrality" of Laos and Cambodia would be respected, and Rolling Thunder would not resemble the bombing of Germany and Japan during the Second World War. Only the Communists, he had concluded, were truly committed to the principle of self-determination in Asia. Before the first U. In the Philippines, he is said to have sometimes communicated by charades, or by drawing pictures in the sand. We gave far more in military aid, but that is because our policy was to enable South Vietnam to defend itself. This war was very unpopular at home and would end with the withdrawal of the United States and the unification of Vietnam under communist control.

It was a search-and-destroy mission that resulted in the massacre of hundreds of civilians at My Lai, in

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The Vietnam War