The god of small things and feminism

Mammachi and Baby Kochamma are both Syrian Christians, a proud minority group in Kerala of around twenty percent a large number of Christians for an Indian statewho believe themselves to be descendants of the one hundred Brahmins whom St.

Patriarchy in god of small things

The quiet way he offered suggestions without being asked. Her husband is not a generous person but an alcoholic who even goes to the extent of attempting to use her wife to satisfy the sexual desire of his boss Mr. On his head. Consequences can be so much harder because they can be so unexpected and so harsh sometimes. Likewise male are endowed with lots of advantages from education to property inheritance to respect; whereas women are deprived of them and has to suffer in the name of tradition, culture, religion and politics. She hoped that it would provide her opportunities to be with Father Mulligan. After finishing schooling, she gets herself admitted into a college of Architecture in Delhi. While Ipe smiled Aleyoooty Ammachi looked more hesitant. But she does not generally pity people at the bottom of societywhich is revealed in the passage when the family is stuck in the Plymouth at a level crossing and a leper with soiled bandages comes to beg at their window. Ammu is most unwelcome when she gets back to the house in Ayemenem and her father dos not even believe her when she tells him about how her former husband wanted to sell her like a prostitute to save his own skin. Let us discuss the story briefly: Ammu, a woman, is the protagonist of the novel who has a strong yearning for happiness and demands a life free of shackles or constrains. She is a typical entrapped female who regards her husband as the inevitable oppressor. As a teenager, Ammu does not conform to the expectations on her that she should wait obediently in her parents house for a suitable husband. Every night he beat her with a brass flower vase.

He gives the name of the factory himself as Paradise pickle. Men and the society expect women to maintain certain standards set by the Hindu cultures.

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Her comment pleases Chacko to the degree that he shakes hands with his sister, whom he normally mostly wrangles with. Her husband whom she loved was alcoholic and even made her to smoke. An ambiguous, unclassifiable consistency. Her husband put his proposal before his wife. Page after page in the old album unfolds groups and groups of them ceremonially dressed, naturally guarding a rite, which they deemed was bestowed on them. Power Politics. When Mammachi is confronted with the facts about his relationship with Ammu, the image of coupling dogs comes to her mind: Like animals, [she] thought and nearly vomited. It is thus, through her novel that we realize how the caste based Hindu society works in favour of men and not for women. Baby is one of those survivors, and other is her brother, Benan John Ipe. Ammu is separated from her children as Estha is returned to her father and Rahel alone was permitted to live in Ayemenem but Ammu is not allowed to visit her frequently.

An unwarranted assurance. Chackos affair with a low caste women in the factory was accepted in the Ayemenem house but they could not tolerate the relationship of Ammu with Velutha who is a low caste Hindu too.

Man woman relationship in the god of small things

You might think that they would work together because everyone gets further that way, but no. Why cant women have their own choice? A divorced daughter from an inter community marriage love marriage was simply unbearable to her. De Shobha, Socialite Evenings. In January she was awarded the Sahitya Akademi Award. Ammu shows her strength of mind not only in marrying the man of her choice but also in divorcing him when the choice proves eventually wrong. It is hierarchical. Not what he did, but the way he did it Mammachi is not crafty as baby kochamma but her mind is hardly less pervert than that of baby kochamma. Perhaps this is why she is attracted to Veluthas affinity with the material world around him. For instance Arundhati explains: She referred to her husband as addeham which was the respectful form of he, whereas he called her edi which was approximately, hey, you! As he neglects his duty, he is threatened with dismissal by his manager, Mr. When Ammu had an affair with Velutha the authoress writes Her tolerance for Mens needs as far as her son was concerned, became the unmanageable fury for her daughter. Ammu was locked in a room and meanwhile as a coincidence Sophie Mol got drowned. Power Politics.

Instances such as these become rare as the narrative moves further and records the sadistic traits of Pappachy and Chacko, the grandfather and uncle of Rahel. In the middle of the melody, Chacko raised his voice over the chocolate sound.

Mammachi thinks highly of her family as well as of herself and has an almost obsessive habit of ranking every person she ever meets, which normally ends up with them being situated somewhere down below her in the hierarchy of her mind.

These practices change the world. She has to undergo unbearable grief and sorrow. A divorced daughter from a love marriage was outrageous. Men neglect women and fail to appreciate their hard work and dedication towards family and children.

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The god of small things is her debut novel and is also a semi-autobiographical novel. Mother Bear suffered those beatings with mute resignation p.

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