The factors affectingthe resistance of a wire essay

The free electrons are given energy and as a result move and collide with other free electrons that are next to it. For example gold has more free electrons than iron and as a result it is a better conductor.

The factors affectingthe resistance of a wire essay

VariablesVariables that I am going to keep the same. For starters I will go through the main definitions, to get a better knowledge of what is going to happen. When the wire increases then the resistance will Talking about investigating the resistance of a wire words - 4 pages Aim:The aim of this is to investigate how the length of a wire affects the resistance of it.

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There are factors which can affect how accurate our expriment is come on four levels. I will set up a circuit like the one below and I will put a power supply on 2 Volts so that the wire will remain cool and keep the test fair. Investigate some of the factors that affect the resistance of a metal wire.

Factors affecting resistance of a wire

I had predicted that if you increase the length then resistance will also increase. Remember that resistance occurs when the electrons travelling along the wire collide with the Ions of the wire. The circuit itself can resist the flow of particles if the wires are either very thin or very long. For this investigation, I believe that altering the length of the wire throughout the experiment will be the best method. I also found that the experiment was quite easy to set up, as it was simple and uncomplicated. I will be setting up the wire to a circuit and will be using a ammeter and volt metre to record my results. The current has to go through a circuit, which contains resistance so if you increase Hows does changing the length of wire affect resistance? The atoms are packed tightly together in a regular pattern and electrical forces hold these together.

In a longer piece of wire, there would be more atoms for the electrons to collide with and so the resistance would be greater.

So, this effectively means that if the wire was trebled or quadrupled then the resistance would also treble or quadruple.

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Background informationElectric current is a flow of electrons Physic Sc1 Resistance Of A Wire words - 6 pages How the resistance of a wire changes with different lengths Planning We are trying to find out if and how the resistance of a wire changes by adjusting the length of the wire.

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Factors affecting Resistance of a wire