The better things that happened after the fall of communism in europe and the us

That is also the case in France and Italy. There is no historically evolved fraternity of parties accustomed to mutual exchange and fitting their national particularities into a common strategy, based on a joint analysis of the economic and social terrain that has, since the war, become increasingly integrated.

It had been agreed at Potsdam that the Germans would be removed from these territories, as many were mixed ethnic territories for hundreds of years. What can be learned from the history of the Soviet influence in Eastern Europe? All kinds of material goods were taken out of those countries and sent to the Soviet Union.

Stagnating economic growth in many post-communist states has, however, also produced a new and unforeseen phenomenon: communist nostalgia. Although education and healthcare constituted only part of the public services offered to Eastern Europeans, they were fundamental social initiatives for the communist regimes.

collapse of ussr and end of cold war

And while about as many east Germans say their former country was overwhelmed and taken by West Germany as said this inan increasing proportion of east Germans say that reunification has improved their lives. The foundation of socialism was wrong.

Czechs are well liked in Slovakia and vice versa. This is true even in countries where overall levels of satisfaction with life — as well as positive assessments of political and economic changes — are significantly lower than in the most upbeat of the nations surveyed.

The regimes became economically unsustainable because they had expanded military and consumer spending without adequate industrial development. The Cold War shows what can happen when such notions get perverted for the sake of power, influence and control. From a disenfranchised grandma to a future president growing up with equal rights — this is an example of the changes brought by communism in a very short time.

how did the fall of the soviet union impact eastern europe
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