Technology changes spare time

How do computers affect the way you spend your free time

Legal and Moral Challenges of the Technological World The virtual leisure space also plays a role in testing the limits of moral and legal acceptability. In the United States , an electronic computer the Harvard-IBM Automatic Sequence Controlled Calculator, named the Mark I using electromechanical relays as on-off switches was invented to create ballistics tables to make navy artillery more accurate. However, I would argue that these drawbacks are outweighed by the benefits. In Great Britain , in , the Colossus, the first fully functioning electronic computer that used vacuum tubes, was developed to break secret German military codes. Advanced technology exacerbated another significant societal problem: media violence. Another interesting study, done by Matthew S. He was able to combine low-cost and light weight in a film-loaded camera that needed, however, to be returned to his laboratories for developing. The Internet has the capacity for posing great dangers to people of all ages, especially those who are impressionable such as young people. The same principle can be applied to people with disabilities and illnesses who may have limited accessibility to traditional leisure spaces.

Because the Internet is so vast, managing and monitoring its contents is difficult. My daughter, for example, used her smartphone to search for the World War 1 so that she enhanced her knowledge base and passed the history test easily.

technology transforming the leisure world

Although steps are taken to monitor illegal activity on the Internet, it is possible for things to slip through the cracks. Owing to an initial saturation of the demand for such merchandise in the s, advertising now linked shopping to tourism — signalling the start of a redefinition of leisure.

how technology affects leisure time

Whether new technologies are truly effective tools to make our lives more convenient and our leisure more productive is another debatable issue. In particular, computer users tend to be more active in activities such as arts, going to movies, playing sports, and engaging in outdoor activities.

Firstly, spending many hours in front of computers may lead to health problems.

Technology changes spare time

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Is Technology Killing Leisure Time?