Teacher competency essay

Percentage, mean score, t-test and Pearson coefficient Correlation was used to analyze the data. Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary,p. The most important of them is the use of differentiated instruction technique in teaching learning process. Teachers must be aware of the needs of students, make connection with various parts of content, provide a variety of learning activities, explanations, and use multi-techniques to make all types of students understandable.

teaching competencies list

Nadeemp. Teachers are committed to attain objectives of course, development of critical thinking, problem solving ability among students. Constructing 21st-century teacher education.

The study will bring into light the problems of teachers while teaching and their suggestions to improve the education system. The warm, caring, safe, well-settled classroom, according to the needs of students has a positive influence on the activities of students, which regulate their learning and set criteria for their high achievements.

It helps in integration of daily lesson objectives with goal of units, whole curriculum and overall aims of education. The lesson should include appropriate integration of skills related to content.

The principles for using assessments to obtain valid grades are known and teachers should employ them.

Teacher competency essay

Performance assessment is also common now days in Pakistani institutions because now the focus is on activity based method. Teachers have knowledge of different learning approaches and their application for special students gifted and disabled.

components of teaching competencies

New Jersey: Pearson Education.

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Teacher Competency Essay Example