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Research methods are broadly classified as Qualitative Research and Quantitative Research. Instead of conducting interviews a researcher needs to experience the settings in person to collect information. Research results that rigorously reflect the opinions and needs of your clients will help you grow your sales and improve your operations.

A moderator is assigned to a focus group who facilitates the discussion amongst the group members.

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Alternatively, if you choose to achieve research objective s via testing hypotheses, your research approach can be specified as deductive.

Here are the widely used qualitative research methods: One-to-one Interview: This interview technique is systematically planned and as the name suggests is conducted with one participant at a given point in time.

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Let us take an example to understand correlational research, Consider hypothetically, a researcher is studying a correlation between cancer and marries women. You should review the data and then: Identify the main trends and issues, opportunities and problems you observe, and write a sentence about each one Keep track of the frequency with which each of the main findings appears Make a list of your findings from the most common to the least common Evaluate and perform separately a list of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that have been identified in a SWOT analysis. Phenomenology, on the contrary, takes into account subjective human interests and focuses on meanings rather than hard data. Let us say married women have a negative correlation with cancer. Focus Groups: Focus groups are small groups comprising of around participants who are usually experts in the subject matter. There are three methods that are often used by researchers to conduct this type of research, they are: Survey Research- The ultimate goal of survey research is to learn about a large population by deploying the survey. All studies are based on some kind of assumptions about the world and the ways of understanding the world. Conclusive research be further divided into two sub-categories.

Reliable — that can be reproduced by other people who investigate in the same way. If you do not have a large amount of data, you should be able to manage them with the use of basic tools available in the software.

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Identifying Research Methodology To choose the appropriate research methods, it is necessary to clearly identify the research objectives. Here is an example of some of the research objectives you can take into consideration for your business: To start with, find out the needs of your clients Know their preferences and understand what is important to them Find an appropriate way to make your customers aware of your products and services. Let us take an example to understand correlational research. Search Research Methods Research methods is a broad term. Let us say married women have a negative correlation with cancer. Gone are the days where a survey was carried out using a pen and a paper. Accordingly, findings of applised studies are valuable on practical levels and can be applied to address concrete problems. Review and interpret the information to draw conclusions Once you have gathered all the data, you can scan your information and interpret it to draw conclusions and make informed decisions. One-to-one interviews need a researcher to prepare questions in advance and to make sure the researcher asks only the most important questions to the participant. Descriptive Research- Descriptive research is a quantitative research method, which corresponds to identifying the characteristics of an observed phenomenon and collecting more information. In modern times, researchers follow activities on a social media platform and try and understand the pattern of thoughts. Geographic locations can be a constraint in this type of research method. In this method, a researcher designs a survey with most relevant survey questions and deploys the survey.

This research method is designed to depict the participants in a very systematic and accurate manner. Analyze and understand your research The analysis of the data can vary from simple and direct steps to technical and complex processes.

In this method, a researcher designs a survey with most relevant survey questions and deploys the survey. The responses collected are essentially non-numerical.

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