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Although certain beliefs may be absolute, I see most moral issues dilemmas, conflicts, problems as being fundamentally dependent on context; that is, because morality exists at the intersection between inner beliefs and social situations, the nature of those situations is of crucial importance.

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Last, I analyze an important yet often overlooked moral dynamic: the clash between the teachers role as individual and teacher and her position as de facto representative of the institution in and for which she teaches.

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The example essays in Kibin's library were written by real students for real classes. In this particular story, it seems to me that two of Peters most profoundly held beliefs are in conflict. I have been a teacher myself for twenty years now; the more I teach, and the more I work with teachers and talk with them, the more firmly I have come to the conviction that what we do in classrooms and outside of them is fundamentally rooted in the values we hold and in the relation we have with our students.

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In this, I had to accept that the problem could not be fixed by merely rewriting but had to be reached organically by Hae-young herselfa process that took us far beyond the limits of the 15 weeks that the academy had laid out for learning to occur.

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Take a few minutes to talk about how this is not meant to embarrass them or to treat them like little kids but as a way for you to give them a warning without stopping your teaching. I then reflect on the role of values in teacher career development, in particular the clashes of values that accompany important career decisions. By the same token, I am not recommending or arguing for any particular teaching methodology but for a way of seeing the classroom. This book is my attempt to sustain such an engagement and to share it with fellow professionals. To state my basic case very briefly, language teaching, like all other teaching, is fundamentally moral, that is, value laden, in at least three crucial ways. I begin this chapter with a real-life story that exemplifies the kinds of dilemmas I am talking about. The essays in our library are intended to serve as content examples to inspire you as you write your own essay. Hae-young seemed genuinely surprised by what I had to say; though I cannot prove it, I was convinced that her bewilderment was real. Last, I consider the place of religious beliefs in language teaching, both from the point of view of the teachers own religious values and what these mean for her actions, and from the perspective of different and clashing religious views held by students. Thus, while it plays a central role in social activities such as teaching, it cannot be regulated by external institutions, but must always be mediated by individuals. I believe many teachers will find that what I have to say resonates with their own experiences and their own views; I hope this is so, and I do not believe that what I write here is new in the sense that no one has thought it before. Furthermore, also like culture, it is not a fixed set of values but, while it may have certain relatively firmly anchored points, to a significant extent it is negotiated both within the individual and between individuals. In many ways, this article of Edges is the starting point for my own analyses in this book chap.

I probably give out consequences for talking only about ten to fifteen times in an entire year. First and foremost I want to thank Julian Edge, whose own moral courage has been an inspiration to me for many years now, and whose friendship is one of the most treasured things I have been given in my years in the field.

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I move on to consider the issues of values raised by standardized tests such as the Test of English as a Foreign Language TOEFL and the moral dilemmas that inhere in alternative forms of as-sessment. I am not aware of any research literature that suggests that my practice or the opposite, i. Examples include the mandating of confidentiality in reporting grades, or rules governing physical punishment. Peter asked what he meant. However, this is not the dry, abstract philosophy with which the word is often associated. In particular, I revisit and summarize the principal moral dilemmas of the field that I have identified throughout the book; consider the foundational values underlying our decision making in situations of moral dilemmas; and revisit the teacher-student relation, the core of the moral life of the ELT classroom. Who wrote this essay? I am in complete agreement with Gee , who chided us for using the word ideology as if it were a biased set of values that other people might have but from which we ourselves are free. My great thanks go to my colleagues and former and present students for sharing their stories with me. So what happened when I started giving visual warnings?

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