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TJ: Let's say somebody comes to you who seems to struggle rhythmically. Sometimes I have a student bow while holding the hair which I wrap in a Kleenex so that it doesn't get oily itself rather than the wood, so that they experience how the hair actually interacts with the string. Most students are conscious of their contact with the wood of the bow, since that's what they are touching when they hold it, but they are less aware of how they are contacting the string with the bow hair. It follows sixteen year-old Darling in s New England, and her adventures with Peter, a rent-boy. The CD was released in May Oliver is a Jonathan Larson Grant recipient. Depending on one's left hand technique, the player can either deaden the string vibration and therefore the sound quality, or allow the string to vibrate more freely therefore increasing projection. I also accompany students at the piano, which raises their awareness of the beat and helps them to control their rhythmic impulses. Dominick Amendum will serve as music director.

IS: I don't use them because I feel they are not geared to the needs of the cello. IS: Oh dear, wouldn't it be terrible if somebody came out sounding like Rostropovich or Casals?! I have since discovered that this is not the case. Some are more analytical, and some are more intuitive in their approach.

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IS: As a young teacher, I thought that if I taught the person the technical wherewithal to play a piece, they could automatically play it in a musical way. TJ: Do you encourage your students to play in an orchestra while studying with you?

I pull the string to the fingerboard and towards the center of my body.

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You can not rely solely on your musical memory to teach you the pitch patterns in the music, you must also figure out the intervals.

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