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SHARE is where the shared files were copied to, see install. I don't see that different opinions about a topic are a problem for a wiki.

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But I find myself surprised that it works at all. After that, we'll probably manage to come up with something that gives us the ability to have some more fun.

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Ease-of-use and elegance have value to a lot of people. It's a combination of a Weblog with columns and a Wiki.

It maybe not be quite yahoo level, but it's certainly not chaos either. If you don't define the coding, you can't use non-ascii characters.

The situation is different in your webserver environment, and thus you might have to change the bang path of "moin. The rate of progress can vary somewhat as a result. NickHollingsworth 08 Jul Most of these can be left at their defaults, those you need to change with every installation are listed in the sample wikiconfig. The "trolls and boneheaded idiots" can come off as the "experts" to a young mind What has been installed Before you can integrate MoinMoin into your web environment, you have to install the MoinMoin source code and data files using the standard Python distutils mechanism setup. For more details on the distutils installation process, consult the Installing Python Modules document in your Python documentation set. I am an enthusiastic wiki advocate, but certainly there is no need to confuse such enthusiasm with a vehement denunciation of those who feel less secure, or perhaps feel more paranoid, about the security of factual information. How to deal with common errors First follow the instructions Moin has provided instructions for common usage. But it was very difficult to share. Unicode strings are defined by prefixing the letter u to the string. Such work is intended to make the Web client easier to understand and to expose such functionality to proper testing. I thought it might be useful, personally at least, to review the different things I have been doing over the past year.

I have had disappointing things to say about the experience of being a volunteer with regard to certain projects and initiatives, but the Mailman project is not that kind of project. As an educator there are some exciting applications for WIKI.

Nice idea needs more work. The idea that they can make changes is totally foreign to them and they're anxious at first when it comes to "talking back. Y is the version of Python.

moinmoin section editing services
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