Mba in hospitality and tourism

IT Management Information Systems 3 This course is a comprehensive overview of information systems and the management of these functions. Management accounting is the process of identifying, measuring, accumulating, analyzing, preparing, interpreting and communicating information that helps mangers fulfill organizational objectives.

This course deals with all business sectors — nonprofit, retail, wholesale, service, selling and administrative situation as well as manufacturing. If you like to be in control and work with known quantities, this may not be the best industry for you. The course provides comprehensive coverage of the marketing mix, including various types of entry modes and channels.

mba in hospitality management

BA Human Resources Management 3 This course focuses on HRM in a multinational setting in term of human resource activities, types of employees and countries of operation. Doing Business in Spain Seminar: Entrepreneurs in Spain share their insight into the key factors to take into account in order to be successful and competitive in the Spanish market.

Some of the MBAs in Hospitality Management offer classes in information systems, human resources, customer service, or even food art.

The course will help the student develop international strategies in planning market research and control with regards to legal, cultural and economic factors involved in crossing border.

But the entire hospitality industry is driven by people in search of fun, relaxation, and new experiences.

Scope of mba in tourism and hospitality management

Graduates of the MBA in International Hospitality and Tourism program will be able to: Analyze and interpret the impact of global issues facing hospitality managers. By nature, the industry is seasonal, impacted by the regular cycle of seasons and holidays. But the entire hospitality industry is driven by people in search of fun, relaxation, and new experiences. It will provide: practical examples; exercises and simulations; and methods for problem solving on behavioral issues. Thus, the new hospitality model is based on embracing new technology and the evolution of the guest as a highly informed stakeholder seeking choice, personal service and competitive pricing as well as relying increasingly on user reviews. BA International Marketing 3 This course is designed to take a strategic approach to marketing by outlining the major dimensions of the global business environment. He or she would have frequent meetings with heads of departments such as catering, household, security and maintenance. Ethics is also addressed.

This course is designed to help students prepare for a changed world. The hospitality sector offers good prospects for early responsibility, and fast career advancement, so if you show a willingness and ability to learn, you can gain experience and move to a managerial position early on in your career.

Mba in hospitality and tourism

Create an appropriate strategic plan for a hospitality enterprise. As the number of students in Hospitality Management increases, the hotel ecosystem continues to grow, placing this specialty amongst the most promising master programs in

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MBA in Hospitality and Tourism Management I EAE Ostelea