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The family's collapse is paralleled by the decline in American society. ClubAndy Battaglia called Franzen's conclusions "a lot more heartening than might be expected", and found that the collection of essays was made far more interesting by both Franzen's tone of anxiety, as well as the controversies surrounding The Corrections being selected for Oprah's Book Club.

Where, where is the mortal who wins more of happiness than just the seeming, and, after the semblance, a falling away? The young Franzen, implies the mature one, was quick to every kind of rage.

And he wore earplugs, earmuffs and a blindfold.

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I hated myself the entire time,' he says. It's amusing to me. At the outset it's infuriating how hopeful she is in the face of obvious grave troubles. About two years before I handed in the manuscript, I threw out everything I had been working on except the chapter where Enid and Alfred are on a cruise, and decided that this was going to be a five-part book. When Walter, in Freedom, becomes obsessed first with strip-mining and later with population control, the reader is ready long before he is for Walter to calm down and return to his troubled suburban marriage. In I saw signs of the consolidation everywhere. For those lucky enough to get to choose our battles, the Franzenesque ricochet between engagement and withdrawal, rage and apathy, is familiar enough. Panic grows in the gap between the increasing length of the project and the shrinking time increments of cultural change: How to design a craft that can float on history for as long as it takes to build it? If enough writers do that then I think the medium can continue to exist as a plausible alternative to television, particularly as TV continues to exhaust itself. What are the risks of writing about society and addressing social issues in fiction? Or Joshua Cohen, who had published the page Witz his fifth book by 30? Like DeLillo, he wants to take on the world, but rather than populate his book with an anonymous horde, he gambles his ambition on a single family. Your family versus your country, your wife versus your girlfriend. I'm conscious of being very fortunate—not fortunate that I had a lucky break for some reason and everyone is getting excited about this book.

Soon after, he made an appointment with a doctor who could prescribe antidepressants. This, in part, is what he said: The novel is whatever novelists are doing at a given time. He asked me the questions that everybody asked me: How did it feel to get such good reviews? And these insights are the sole legacy of the social novelist who desires to represent the world not simply in its detail but in its essence, to shine light on the morally blind eye of the virtual whirlwind, and who believes that human beings deserve better than the future of attractively priced electronic panderings that is even now being conspired for them.

The idea that the novelist somehow has a responsibility to take on and combat television is something I probably would have found much more attractive in my twenties.

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The consumer economy loves a product that sells at a premium, wears out quickly or is susceptible to regular improvement, and offers with each improvement some marginal gain in usefulness. His concern with poverty is with a poverty fundamental to man.

But Gary goes it alone, determined to avoid drugs or therapy.

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