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Maintaining morale and productivity is key for a successful transition, so IT leadership and Human Resources HR should work together to design an instructional framework for training employees and addressing issues.

The cloud is not only scalable up but also scalable down. If there is a discrepancy between results and expectations, then is there a key functionality that IT has overlooked? Read more How to deal with a major tech crisis Step 5: Make strategic choices There will never be sufficient funds and resources to meet every demand regardless of the size of your enterprise.

Alignment of IT Strategy to Corporate and Business Strategies It is often the case that organizations embark on an IT strategy without defining the benefits, the ROI, and without being clear of which business and which corporate function has to be automated.

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IT Service Management: decisions concerning how and where IT services should be delivered and by whom, whether by internal IT work groups or by outsourcing or managed services providers. Many employees personally own newer and better technology than you have in your office. Finally, the project teams need to be brought together. According to the results of the previous phases, the phase Implementation execution puts emphasis on the enforcement of the implementation plan. As tech experts, IT leaders should address and define operational objectives with department heads and then design solutions for achieving those objectives with the rest of the IT department. Social Media and Networking: Social Media and networking have emerged as a way of providing person to person connections and sharing information. However, the bad news is that one needs a clear definition of the term to get some work done. Technology opportunities Emerging technologies, business related benefits This can be done in parallel with the Enterprise Architecture program Key issues and initiatives Summary or link to the IT Project portfolio This can be done in parallel with the Enterprise Architecture program Color legend Direct relationship with Enterprise Architecture Indirect relationship with Enterprise Architecture Produced somewhere else The next step would be the review of the IT Strategy document by the main stakeholders who would accept or reject technology opportunities. Cloud: Cloud solutions and web hosted applications make it easier to collaborate and work together virtually. To take some examples, if a bank wants to actualize an IT strategy, it must first define the objectives behind such a strategy. Some companies use open source hardware and software to cut costs. This assessment should identify the technology currently in use and the gaps that exist between these current IT operations and the objectives and strategic goals outlined in the ongoing strategic plans. After these elements are identified and codified in a written document that describes the operational details of an organizations IT strategy, care must be taken to ensure that this IT strategy is consonant with the overall objectives as well as based on scientific principles of technology. This email address is already registered. Given the wide range of business expectations, successfully implementing an IT strategy can be challenging.

Initially, the focus is on soft facts, which the implementation success fundamentally depends on. The project has a multimillion-dollar budget and an eight-year plan.

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Frameworks like this also enable IT departments to compare departmental plans to find common objectives and suggest consolidated solutions. When stakeholders play an active role in implementing technology, they are better equipped to use it properly and recognize abnormalities.

Effective strategy[ edit ] A successful technology strategy involves the documentation of planning assumptions and the development of success metrics.

Competitive Landscape: The economy and competition forces you to take a closer look at the way you run your IT operations. The IT systems, IT organization, and IT processes may be designed well from a technical perspective but poorly aligned from a business perspective.

IT Current State Analysis. Examine Different Solutions: IT solutions are critical for driving innovation, value, and cross-functional business operations.

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