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To underline the development of intercultural research the author will discuss the findings of Hofstede. Definition of Culture Hofstede realises that the definition of culture is blurt and is often not clear. Intercultural communication is the term given to communication that takes place between people whose cultural beliefs values and behaviours differ from one another Buchanan , p. After defining the assumptions of values he visualises milestones for to manifest cultural differences. They may differ because of their languages, beliefs, values, and behavioral characteristics Bennett, He states personality as a unique set of mental programs which is modified by collective influence on one hand and on the other by unique personal experience ibid. The changing of social environments and circumstances may involve new habits of dealing with individuals. Gibson We learnt the fundamentals of intercultural communication in the first class. For example, before one delivers a message, they have to take into consideration the receivers culture and whether it is high- or low- context. Intercultural Cooperation — G. You may also draw on personal experience in the development of your argument. Edward T. It is a form of communication that shares information across different cultures and social groups. Communication can also be defined as the process of transmitting information and common understanding from one person to another Keyton,

Second the discussion will lead to the more contemporary aspects of intercultural competence such as Milton Bennett. We now live in a multicultural society where we interact with people of different colours, nationalities, cultures and languages.

Intercultural cooperation essay

To underline the development of intercultural research the author will discuss the findings of Hofstede. To face these requirements the following paper will discuss the meaning of intercultural competence.

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The deepest manifestations in culture are the values, mostly remaining unconscious and the most superficial are the symbols Fig. Whenever communication happens between people whose first language is not the local language or when people communicate who grew up in different cultures they are committing intercultural communication.

We discussed about culture, communication, intercultural, nationality, ethnicity and how it translates into Intercultural communication.

In particular, the conveyance of information from dissimilar cultures enabling an awareness of cultural relativism thus allowing citizens to be knowledgeable of how these rights and responsibilities are discerned in other cultures.

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Contacts of different cultures generate a lot of problems, which are caused by a mismatch of norms, values, features world partners, etc.

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