How to write a lookup formula in excel 2010

vlookup between sheets

For starters, let's see what Microsoft Excel actually means by "exact match" and "approximate match". However, the syntax of the Excel LOOKUP function allows supplying the vectors in the form of a vertical array constantwhich enables you to replicate the functionality of nested IF with a more compact and easy-to-read formula.

When a lookup column contains extra leading or trailing spaces.

hlookup formula

I thank you for reading and hope to see you on our blog next week! If there are two or more values that match the lookup value exactly, the 1st value found is returned. And here's what our vertical lookup has come up with: As you see, the formula returns "Antelope" whose speed is 61mph, while we also have Cheetah that runs 70 mile per hour, and 70 is much closer to 69 than You do not have to invest hours to learn how to use it - the smart wizard will walk you through these 4 easy steps: Select your main table.

To begin with, it is an Excel function : What does it do?

how to use vlookup in excel 2016
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How to use the Excel VLOOKUP function