How to write a funny tweet

His secret?

funny quotes to tweet

It can be a fact, an opinion, even an image you want to share. This nugget does not need to be even slightly funny, just something you find amusing or strange or both.

It allows you to write whatever type of joke you're feeling at that moment, and instantly have it read by people, rather than if you just jotted it down in a notebook.

7 twitter joke structures

But I try to stay away from offensive things, and when I do them, I usually delete them. I used to be really anal about timing. It's literally his job to find funny things on the Internet. Don't let the external validation become the thing. You'll learn so much about how to write jokes just from reading jokes all day. Comedy is about breaking expectations of day-to-day life; so is poetry, on a more miniature level. For the purposes of my tweet, I am focusing on the traveling-salesman image of an old-timey gent in a bowtie.

For example: hashtags, the use of understatement, all caps for emphasis, all lowercase with no punctuation, sentences that get cut off on purpose, abbreviations like tfw and tbh, etc.

The multidiscipline writer recently spoke with Co. Less Is More. Don't let the external validation become the thing. Knowledge is power, gentlemen. Share4 Shares 4 Much like a receding hairline, social media is here to stay. There are just so many people on Twitter, and so many funny people in the world; you have to make sure nobody else has already done it.

Everyone in my family makes puns. See how it fares!

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How To Be Hilarious On Twitter, From A Writer Who Tweeted Her Way To T