How do i write a play synopsis of the rover

Valeria tells Belvile and Florinda to get married quickly, before Pedro returns.

how do i write a play synopsis of the rover

Florinda gasps and tries to flee, until Belvile reveals himself to her. The other men, unaware that the girl is Florinda, decide to let her out and have their way with her.

Nell Gwyn, a famous actress and notorious mistress of Charles II, starred in the play--the equivalent of having someone as famous as Angelina Jolie star in your small production.

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Now she is advertising for a new lover, so she has placed three portraits of herself on the outside of her palatial home, along with the price. Among them, Willmore, a naval captain, meets and falls in love with Hellena, who herself is determined to experience love and passion before she must enter a convent, something her brother Pedro is forcing upon her.

She took her last name from her late Dutch husband, though some speculated that she made up this husband and faked his death to allow herself more social freedom widows in that era were not as bound by societal stricture as unmarried women.

At this point, Valeria enters, distracting Pedro by telling him that Florinda has escaped. Willmore falls in love with her beauty and takes one of the portraits, since he does not have the money to enjoy the original.

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Behn had condensed his ten-act drama and turned it into a comedy, but as a woman writer, she was especially vulnerable to charges of plagiarism. Unfortunately, she falls hopelessly in love with one of the worst sort of men, Captain Willmore, who wants only physical satisfaction and not a love relationship.

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Blunt is still sceptical but agrees. The English travelers see the portraits and debate which is more lovely, the depictions or the woman herself, raising questions about art versus life and expectations versus reality. At the eleventh hour, Valeria comes running in and rescues Florinda, allowing just enough time for Belvile to marry her in a hasty wedding. The mask frees them to experiment with the provocative language, dress, and gesture of the prostitute and to express their sexuality in a freer environment, where such behavior is not only acceptable but expected. Indeed, that she could earn a living writing for the theater was precisely what condemned her. As she presents such encounters, Behn shows that Restoration libertinism has dangerous repercussions for women. It takes place in Naples at the time of the English Interregnum, the period between the death of Charles I and when Charles II resumed the throne, when England was led by various attempts at Commonwealth governments. He turns to Angellica and starts describing Hellena as a Gypsy, ugly, a monkey, etc. The angry Scots actually invaded England, further deteriorating his authority. Gervase Markham, Country Contentments, p. Since actresses were viewed as—and some were—prostitutes, it was assumed by many that Behn was a prostitute, too.

They all go off to find him.

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The Rover: an introduction