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By focusing on individualized sub groups, you're better able to meet their needs and gain higher market share and profits. Craft, S. Now the question arises that what should be the basis of market segmentation.

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Other factors as benefit sought, ethnocentric approach etc. Examples are Pepsi vs Coke and Nike vs Adidas. These needs become wants when they are directed to specific objects that might satisfy the need. Authors should send their full paper to the following email address. With horizontal segmentation similar segments in different countries are aggregated in a unique cluster. Stated in economic terms, the firm creates monopolistic or oligopolistic market conditions through the utilization of various curves of demand for a specific product Category Ferstman C. Related Papers. This research paper is broadly divided in to four parts. It means there is a need for developing more effecting marketing segmentation basis.

People are on first-name terms. The present paper highlights the definition and major basis of market segmentation. They also reveal the idea that demographic attributes are not very effective in case of brand choice and in price selection.

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Steps in Segmentation Process Description Group customers into segments based on similar 1 Needs-Based Segmentation needs and benefits sought by customer in solving a particular consumption problem. Finding, understanding and focusing on the needs of your best customers can make you a market leader.

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Surely there is an answer, but to find it we must investigate, test, and challenge the market. Various categorical data analysis tests are carried out on the multi-way table to assess the nature and extent of associations among its dimensions. Seeking out your target customers and satisfying their needs sounds like such an obvious, basic concept in the battle for business success. Amandeep singh reveals in his study that earlier demographic factors were considered as best basis of segmentation but they are no longer effective for segmentation in FMCG sector. These needs become wants when they are directed to specific objects that might satisfy the need. But still there is one constraint before all companies that they can not connect to all customers in large, broad or diverse market Every company want to focus on customers within there capacity and with customers intimacy. Wendell Smith suggested that segmentation, the division of a market into groups of customers who share certain characteristics or propensities toward a product or service, might be an effective way for an organization to manage diversity within a market. Journal of Research in Marketing; Vol. The research results regarding demographic factors and their influence on consumer 52 P a g e www.

Segmentation is the process of dividing the market into groups of customers or consumers with similar needs. For each segment, create a "value proposition" and 5 Segment Positioning product-price positioning strategy based on that segment's unique customer needs and characteristics.

This study shows that purchasing of FMCG products specially personal care products is indifferent of age, educational level.

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In addition, the long-term products and services required by businesses are more likely to require service back-up from the supplier than is the case in consumer markets.

Challenges to the future research: Finding and choosing the proper bases for market segmentation is an important marketing research issue.

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Whereas it is not uncommon for an FMCG market to boast 10, 12 or more segments, the average business-to-business study typically produces 3 or 4.

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Market Segmentation in B2B Markets