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They were blithely autonomous. There are four main characters. A woman standing still in a main street on a Saturday afternoon could carry all this: death, time, recollected acts of love-making — all together, simultaneous, ringing in her head. It was mainly 4 characters and their self-pitying moaning. Both are recent arrivals in Sydney so this visit to the harbour for each is a combination of new experience and memory-provoking presentiment. He took her by the waist, swung her around, and kissed her dramatically, with a succulent smack. I have so much to say but I will try to keep it brief, as every moment I think about this godforsaken book I lose the will to live. Despite this crap, the whole book still seemed to be leading up to something, building. Why not be child-like?

But the presiding spirit, never explicitly acknowledged but implicated at every turn, is Virginia Woolf. Ellie is a postgraduate student from Western Australia who has come to Sydney to do a PhD in literary studies.

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What, pray tell, the fuck. This is perhaps most obviously the case with Pei Xing, whose search for a way of living with her past has led her to not just reconcile with one of her tormentors, but to care for her.

five bells gail jones essay writer

Today is her first visit to the Harbour, part of her discovery of the New World to which she has moved: Catherine loved Australian accents, the way they rasped in the air. Apart from Ellie and James, these characters do not know each other but there are fleeting moments when their lives intersect.

Although James and Ellie have arranged to meet, the encounters between most of the characters are both fleeting and coincidental. The greatest strength of Five Bells lies in its clever use of place to draw out the nuances of character.

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