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Reason and imagination play an important role in both understanding and comparing progress in the natural sciences and the arts but, while the imaginative insights of a scientist must ultimately be provable, those of artists need only to be reasonable.

The purpose of this paper is to choose a nursing theory or theorist and explain why it was chosen. Keith A. Science is a subject that did not come easily to me.

Before, deciding to major in political science I had a different altered definition of what I thought politics was. Works, Vol 1. In the field of philosophy, science is defined as the approach or the methodology used to test the philosophical hypothesized statements about nature and other related matters of life.

A scientist, therefore, is a person with his face turned inward, focusing on the subject matter of his science. Nursing theories are important because they provide nursing principles and it contributes to nursing knowledge to guide health care practices and research.

The term is also used to distinguish not only the content of a field of study from those of the natural sciences, but also its methodology.

importance of philosophy in science education
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Philosophy of science