Cursive handwriting a lost art education essay

But we must look at the bigger image.

Benefits of cursive writing

But we must look at the bigger image. Relating to Edward Tenner, a Princeton-based historian of culture and technology, who have researched the advancement of handwriting from the center Age ranges; argues that handwriting is just as valuable of an art for the 21st century as before Arntzenius, 2. Schrum, research was done back in , we are now in , I could non happen new research demoing recent surveies as to the result of the benefits that American kids are having from engineering being integrated into the schools. It bridges generations Children who never learn cursive could have trouble doing things like deciphering a birthday note from Grandma or recognizing the words John Hancock signed his name under on the Declaration of Independence. The printing press, he says, was referred to as disrupting the "almost spiritual connection" between writer and webpage; the typewriter was considered "impersonal and loud" when compared with the artwork of handwriting. Added to the growing importance of texting and tweeting and messaging and emailing in my life, it was the last nail in the coffin for beautiful handwriting of my childhood. I was the sort of kid who asked for a calligraphy set for Christmas, so I recuse myself from passing judgment. Research shows that America already has a deficit of sawboness with these accomplishments and demands attending Pho, 1. Currently there are about 18, lively general surgeons in america or 5. Though the world is becoming more and more technology dependent, there is something to be said for retaining a part of classic writing skills in the curriculum. It involves using the hand muscles in a different way. Writing and signing checks is another reason for learning cursive. By having to learn cursive as well, students get another opportunity to fully comprehend the alphabet. Martin and Joyce Carol Oates. In my own research for answers, I ran across many articles, studies, videos and publications, as to the reasons cursive handwriting is important for America's future.

Where do you fall in the great cursive debate? And North Carolina congresswoman Pat Hurley, whose bill requiring primary schools to teach written script was unanimously passed earlier this year — although in nearby Indiana, cursive has been scrapped from the curriculum.

Many application forms are still completed the old-fashioned way, as are the majority of school assignments, both of which allow us to be judged — in part at least — by the way we form letters on the page.

Just like knowing Latin can help you understand new languages, knowing cursive can help you unlock a wealth of historical knowledge and connect with past generations.

But we should go through the dilemna. It has opportunities such as greater usage of rich, multimedia system content, the increasing use of online course taking to provide classes not usually available, the popular availability of traveling with a laptop devices that can access the web, the widening role of public networking tools for learning and professional development, and the growing interest in the energy of digital video games for more customized learning Technology in Education.

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I agree with the fact technology is an extremely convenient way to complete certain responsibilities, but the fact of the problem is that there has not been enough research to confirm the statements made Johnson. There's even a National Handwriting Day in the States on 23 January each year - the birthday of John Hancock, whose name is synonymous with the word "signature" thanks to his enthusiastic scrawl on the US Declaration of Independence.

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Minnesota Schools Debate Teaching the “Lost Art” of Cursive Handwritin