Controllable and uncontrollable factors affecting business

controllable and uncontrollable factors of marketing

A bigger competitor moving into your market can be beyond your control, and can back your small company against the wall.

Businesses must be aware of the potential for these uncontrollable factors to influence the financial stability and growth of their company and make adjustments as they encounter each obstacle. If a competitor launches a new product with a stellar ad campaign, they might grab a larger share of the market.

If a big box store is eating into business traffic, you might need to find an added value that you offer customers that the big box store doesn't.

Uncontrollable factors in business environment

Today, entertainment is even more accessible. When it comes to weather, even the brightest meteorologists can only report on what is happening. Or entanglements necessary to manage the marketing process successful group include : a clear idea about marketing , and communication with customers , and building strong brands , and the formation of long-term growth , and the development and delivery of value , long-term and create growth , and to develop strategies and plans suitable for marketing. For example, a local nightclub might focus its niche and become a wine bar while bringing in popular local musicians in order to cater to the non-casino crowd. This could be said to be something out of his or her control. And the latter , four elements are marketing relationships, internal marketing , integrated marketing, marketing in response to a social demand. In some industries, the technology seems to change almost faster than the market can sell the latest item. Take the time to know who your customer is and where they hang out to most effectively market to them. For example, if a natural disaster or harsh weather affects the crops in a country that supplies a U. For example, a fast food chain may choose to promote a new sandwich and side meal, but if enough customers respond to a trend to eat less carbs and therefore do not ever purchase the meal, the product will not successfully sell and may need to be discontinued. If consumers are unable or unwilling to purchase a product listed at a certain price, a lowered sales price may increases the volume of sales. Making it convenient for consumers can offset uncontrollable factors, such as bad weather. These include political and economic climates, competitor choices and even the weather.

For example, a storm that destroys cropland in the Midwest can have ramifications felt by grocers across the country.

Consumers used to rent movies on VHS tapes, but with the development of the more compact DVD, manufacturers of VHS tapes had to change what they produced to fit the changing technology.

Both controllable and uncontrollable variables have a big impact on how a business runs. Marketing can be regarded as the work function of the institution and a set of mechanisms that create value and reach to customers and dealing with customers in a manner Foundation benefit shareholders in its capital.

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What Are Uncontrollable Factors in Marketing?