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They can thus be the most willing partners in maintaining peace and communal harmony in the area.

It gives its citizens the freedom to choose their religion and change it at any time. Let us do good to others to get good in return. That is why it is all the more important to recognize and applaud those - like today's distinguished award winners - who work selflessly for communal harmony and national integration. Because the terrorism of today is its extreme extension and one of its tragic byproducts. Communal harmony does not only mean an absence of communal tensions, strifes and riots. It is the sacred duty of each one of us to carry forward this great tradition. It is the duty of the District Administration to carefully assess the communal situation in the District on a regular basis and prepare a profile of the District, identifying the areas which are prone to communal sensitivities and tensions. The Central Government has launched a Central Scheme for assistance to victims of terrorist and communal violence, whereunder there is provision for one time payment of Rs. The worst affected or language, the country will be in trouble. In communally sensitive and riot prone areas police and administrative officials of proven integrity, efficiency, impartiality and non-partisan outlook should be posted.

Howeverno practice which contravenes the rules of morality or violates the rights of other living beings should be encouraged. Communal violence has not remained confined to specific areas which were either known as sensitive or hyper sensitive but has affected almost all parts of the country.

There are constitutional provisions for equality of opportunities for all.

Casteism Comparative Study of Leaders and might have done well but at the moment it Forces. The unassailable test of judging the truth is what appeals to my conscience, what is dear to my inner being, what my soul approves of? An indication to this is the increasing volume of violence and communal strifes and quite frequent terrorist strikes in big vibrant cities, resulting in colossal loss to life and property. Requirements of man, irrespective of caste, creed, country are the same like hunger, sleep, fear, sex. Optimism in candide essays according to him nowadays there seems to be an alarming spread of communal and fascist forces in the state. Starting from birth to death, all human beings exhibit the same instincts and behave in the same way. Unfortunately, due to our false racial prejudices and arrogance and lack of courage to accept our limitations and follow the truth irrespective of its source, we have yet to comprehend the fountain head of religions, the origin of language and the source of human beginning. It can be seen that national be taken to eliminate these trends from our integration is a complex problem and political society. On festival day, the history and significance of its celebration should be explained. There is cosmic harmony in the universe and organic harmony in a living body.

It stands for the moral, spiritual, social laws and norms sustaining the society. With increasing development in infrastructure and information technology and modernism the reality of a safer society is becoming a utopian and illusory idea.

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National integration in India The report also contains an analysis of curriculum at various levels of education and The cause of anxiety is the separatist tendency teacher education from the point of view of which tends to endanger the age-old various Fundamental Duties including National communal harmony and unity of the country.

We have yet to understand the essence of communal harmony. From time Immemorial, it has been seen that different races fought battles against each other on Indian soil and got themselves firmly entrenched, but India has assimilated them all into her blood.

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Communal harmony implies mutual understanding, peaceful co-existence, cooperation and coordination among all the constituents of a community. Education Our secular education has failed and failed miserably in inculcating the life values in its pupils, the feelings of fraternity, harmony and patriotism among its citizens.

The families of accused who are the accused or victims of Police action should not at all be compensated.

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Let us agree on the most basic things - the commonality of all faiths — for which no one have any objections.

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Role of youth in promoting communal harmony in india