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Ghomeshi has admitted to engaging in rough sex but said it was consensual. Everything up here is precise and calculated. His lawyer has said he will plead not guilty to the charges. For those of you who read the September 10th, article on CBC News Business Marketplace about fake degrees, I would like to assure you that your College is definitely alert to the many issues involved in documentation authenticity. I saw a few cameras mounted in corners during my hour visit, but according to Ormsby there are hundreds all around the property. Standing in the diamond pit made me feel like I was in an ancient amphitheatre. The way the company collects and sorts every scrap of garbage. Ternes is in charge of reclaiming the land when the De Beers mine closes in four years. Even CBC's chief correspondent and national anchor, Peter Mansbridge, faced questions last year after reports he made a paid speech to petroleum producers. In this application process, academic transcripts and relevant documentation must be sent directly to BCCSW from the issuing authority usually the academic institution. Mansbridge said he has never publicly promoted or opposed oilsands development and the CBC's ombudsman said Mansbridge did nothing wrong by accepting fees for the speaking engagement, noting that his speech focused on what it means to be a Canadian. The night before? Previous story The CBC has abruptly "ended its relationship" with high-profile news host Evan Solomon, saying it determined he had acted in ways that were "inconsistent" with its code of ethics. To compensate, De Beers provides a full-size gym where badminton has become a hit, workout rooms, and an impressive range of food.

Before his latest positions, he co-hosted weekly news and current affairs shows "CBC News: Sunday" and "CBC News: Sunday night" where he reported on a range of national and international stories.

The razor-sharp lines in the open pit mine.

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Less than a kilometre wide, we watched convoys of trucks circling down and back up, piled high with rock. CBC business reporter Amanda Lang recently came under fire for an alleged conflict of interest in her reporting — although a review by the broadcaster found she abided by journalistic standards.

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Each day, the prize is a cup full of rough diamonds about the size of a Tim Hortons travel mug. There is a baker on site and always a table full of desserts. His lawyer has said he will plead not guilty to the charges.

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In a statement issued about two and a half hours later through his lawyer, Solomon said he never intentionally used his position at CBC to promote a private business partnership he was involved in.

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