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Along with major knowledge-based decisions, the lower-level decisions are also capable of being taken by KPOs.

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Would you be interested in talking to us about your requirements? A BPO is capable of handling both front end and back end operations of an entity. As a result, a company might not be able to ensure the character of their outsourced employees or the quality of their work.

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Problems plaguing the BPO sector are high attrition rate, wage inflation, over dependence on process, and more. Domain Specific Specialization Domain specific expertise is a prerequisite for the KPO employees as it involves a lot of analysis and research. Employees generally do not possess high educational qualifications. The organization may be a different entity or the subsidiary of the main organization that can be located in the same country or overseas to minimize cost. KPO is concerned with the delegation of information management related functions to qualified external agencies. Developing world also has a vast pool of qualified resources that are a good fit for KPO jobs. But India confronts various difficulties to secure itself as a worldwide KPO pioneer. Implementing KPO can be time and resource-intensive to establish a successful operation. Integreon is an established legal services provider in the country, specializing in discovery, contract management, compliance, legal research and knowledge management, intellectual property, and due diligence. The basket of services provided by them include: Help desks, call centers, etc. Ideally, companies look to KPO to simultaneously obtain a highly-skilled workforce at a lower cost. KPO helps a company to be more nimble and adapt to the changes in its industry and competitive landscape.

The employees recruited by BPO companies need basic computer knowledge and effective communication skills. KPO companies hire the expertise and skills of knowledgeable employees with high educational qualifications only. KPO units provide services in the knowledge domains to their clients.

The Animation Council of the Philippines estimates that global animation industry revenues have been growing at 20 to 30 percent over the past few years, increasing demand for low-cost, highly skilled creative labor.

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Inthe Philippines had over 50 animation companies, mostly small and medium-sized companies. KPO vendors also provide strategic research, market research, financial services research, analytics, and competitive intelligence monitoring. The rise of the animation outsourcing industry in the Philippines began in the early s, with FilCartoons, Burbank Animation Inc.

They are capable of helping out organizations belonging to different knowledge verticals.

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Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) Definition