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Users rejoined that sharing their files was a fair use of copyrighted material for which they had paid a fair price. The fraud needs to be reported as soon as possible.

To facilitate this, banks must provide customers with 24x7 access through multiple channels at a minimum, via website, phone banking, SMS, e-mail, IVR, a dedicated toll-free helpline, reporting to home branch, etc.

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While there's little you can do once the scamming device is already installed, you can dodge it by sticking to ATMs from banks you trust, covering your PIN from possible hidden cameras, and setting up transaction alerts on your bank account so you can easily intercept any suspicious activity. The same thing goes for phone calls purportedly from your bank. The bank must be immediately notified or within three days of the transaction, in case of such fraudulent transaction. Speculating malicious attempt where fraudsters stole the ATM pins and other data by fitting skimming devices and preparing clones of the ATM cards, several bank customers have reported that cash from their accounts has been withdrawn from the ATMs. You will have to wait for the matter to be resolved before you can access your funds again. In order to access an account, a user supplies a card and personal identification number PIN. Thieves place skimming device on the ATM Counter, by either replacing the original card reader or placing it on top of the reader.

Recently, a Delhi based couple became a victim of fraudulent cash transaction messages. We suspect that the culprits have used a skimmer to steal card information. In a similar way, fraudsters siphoned off Rs 90, from the account of a domestic help in the NCR region.

How to avoid being duped?

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Take note of the people ahead of you in line for the ATM. If you have an account with Bank A and have used the card to withdraw money from an ATM of Bank B, which has been compromised which bank should you report your concern to? ATM scams are getting more creative by the day, and you need to know how they work and what you can do to protect yourself against them.

Given that ATMs are the preferred method for dispensing currency all over the world, ATM fraud has become an international problem. What is ATM skimming? Mallika, Inspector in Cyber Crime division, Coimbatore.

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At the start of the 21st century, copyright owners began accommodating themselves with the idea of commercial digital distribution.

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ATM fraud: This is what you need to do, if you are a victim