An analysis of the good traits of a team player

Treats others in a respectful and supportive manner Team players treat fellow team members with courtesy and consideration — not just some of the time but consistently. They tell the truth, even when the coach or someone else doesn't want to hear it especially then!

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One should not unnecessarily indulge in conflicts and misunderstandings. Good team players are active in this informal sharing.

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Do not spread negativity around. It brings a more light-hearted tone to messaging making it easily digestible, and makes it easy for leaders to provide and receive updates regularly. Unexpected events can arise for any workgroup, therefore, there have to be individuals on the team who are flexible to fit regardless of the circumstance.

TIP: Make sure to supplement your online job search with networking. Establish a Culture of Teamwork — Incorporating collaborative tools where employees can work and talk to one another simultaneously, encouraging the share of information, facilitating programs where employees can cross-train and mentor one another are all things leaders can do to foster a culture of teamwork.

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10 characteristics of a good team player