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So, organisations look to acquire its suppliers or distributors to create cost minimisation and increased efficiency.

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It helps in the process of production by using resources effectively and also helps improve communication and cooperation. To create a competitive advantage can quit be difficult to achieve, therefore a unique marketing strategy with clear objective is necessary to ensure effective promotional activity. This consumer need is what led to the establishment of a company called Aldi. To keep them patronising them because as they see the leaflet the feel that their money is been maximally utilised comes alive in them and it could compel them to advice friend to try Aldi cheap brand products. So, the management makes little effort to keep them satisfied. This condition helps generate large amounts of cash. Business Strategy 6 c In a situation like this, analyse the factors that Aldi will have to be consider when formulating their strategic plans There are three main areas of focus that is necessary for the formulation of business strategies. Horizontal integration: a company like Aldi can look to improve its productivity and efficiency by acquiring additional business entities that participate in the same value chain. K offers one of the lowest price for most items Times,

For this reason Aldi motivates its workers by giving discounts to its staff when they shop, and also the workers are being trained and thought on how to satisfy customer curiosity Aldi, This condition helps organisations yield high results from the market but also prompts the need to build on the business by investing in it since the market opportunities offer further scope of growth and success Wetherly and Otter, Micro environment: the micro environmental factors originate within the organisation and can be controlled by the strategies and steps devised by the management.

Cited by some as Europe's largest retailer, the chain has found success by going against virtually every standard of supermarketing, from its legendary reticence to the "Spartan atmosphere" of its stores.

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For lidl the increase is 2. It might find it difficult to venture into offering gourmet food and convince its customers. This consumer need is what led to the establishment of a company called Aldi.

These include activities like branding, advertising etc.

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Thus the management plans, analyses and develops the strategy and allocates duties to the employees based on the tasks and duties needed for the implementation of the same. Strategic Choices: the strategies planned or adopted by a business organisation is dependent on the analysis and its findings. The organisation is also known for delivering customer value which helps establish a relation between the customers and the organisation. Aldi, Place: This marketing mix involves locating where the product will be sold. It puts. Low Interest and High Power: Stakeholders who have high power but low interest can easily increase their engagement to become key players. Advertising This is the best way through which the company can maintain its customers. The company grew rapidly, owning 13 stores in and about stores in across Germany.

Firms are required to keep monitoring and assessing the developments in the industry in which they operate to gain knowledge on how to adjust their activities in the market. It underlines what the organisation seeks on the longer run.

Divisional managers who lead the various functional divisions in the organisation arrange their resources to fulfil the tasks that have been allocated to them.

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Aldi offers its customers a wide range of products. There is much emphasis on creativity and innovation.

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