A short review of the bicycle thieves a film by vittorio de sica

One day there is a job--for a man with a bicycle.

bicycle thieves themes

The two different moral characterizations are forced to converge in the young boy, himself, when he witnesses his own father commit a crime.

Then, in the view of most critics, De Sica put his special gift as a director on hold for many years, turning out more light comedies "Marriage, Italian Style," "Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow".

The sequence resonates for anyone who has seen "The Bicycle Thief. His fifth movie collaborated with writer Cesare ZavattiniI Bambi ni ci guardano ,in which showed great sensitivity and nice fIl making.

Thenbeing robbed his bicycle, and both of them set out to find the robber.

bicycle thieves analysis

Above average. However, by the end of the movie we are reminded that the boy is just a boy which the father seems to forget at intervals, but realizes when he offers to take him for pizza, etc.

Worthwhile watching.

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The Bicycle Thief (Ladri di biciclette) ()