A review of the new cinematography used in casablanca

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Miller, Frank. Particular attention was paid to photographing Bergman.

Establishing shots in casablanca

The Casablanca File. Curitz owes a huge debt to his cinematographer, Arthur Edeson. John Qualen as Berger, Laszlo's Resistance contact. She explains that when they met and fell in love in Paris in , she believed her husband had been killed attempting to escape from a concentration camp. After all, we are dealing with a sixty year old film notoriously tagged: "They don't make 'em like that anymore! The Paris dream is about to come crashing down. In my opinion, that is why it is such a great story. Smith Goes to Washington and Mr.

My point is that assertions about metaphorical framings can be difficult to substantiate when trying to determine how framings are staged and designed in relation to the viewer. How did it come about? Yet, even in these shots the sense of mood is primarily determined by the inscription of the viewer's presence as a secret observer.

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As to how aperture framings in Casablanca influence the mood of the film, I would argue that the white arch-shaped and circular framings inspired by Moorish architecture help establish a mood that can be described as exotic and mysterious. Thus, in order to fully appreciate the film, you must actually listen to the dialogue.

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The coffin framings in F.

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On Visual Design and Staging in Casablanca