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For details of this analysis, see Chapter 1. He was of the opinion that the church distorted Christianity when it became the religion of the Emperor.

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Ehrman have proposed that some of these textual variants and interpolations were theologically motivated. However, he has been consistent in affirming that Jesus is a great man among other great men. But the survey can help answer the question: What is the nature of Christian identity in Western Europe today, particularly among the large population that identifies as Christian but does not regularly go to church? And identifying with the political right is strongly linked to anti-immigration stances. It also looks at their beliefs about religion and spirituality, including a closer look at the attitudes of religiously unaffiliated adults who say they do believe there is a God or some other higher power or spiritual force in the universe. Yours is religion preached in the name of luxury. Some Buddhists have spoken of him as the Buddha of the West. I could not endure this. In the process of doing this, their attitude towards Christianity was reflected. But partly because of the missionaries continuous attacks on Hindu society, they were, so to say, compelled to react negatively and expose the evils of Christianity. These interactions are important, for through them we are able to get some glimpses of Hindu attitudes toward Christianity. While strongly reacting against the Western image of the Christian church, he advocated the indigenous church. Surely, thought I, a religion that compelled one to eat beef, drink liquor, and change ones own clothes did not deserve the name. He felt that Christianitys unique claims to be the only true religion, with the Bible the only inspired book and Jesus the only savior of the world, could not be accepted. This shows that they were not willing to accept the view that Christianity and interpretations of Christian scripture as the monopoly of the Western theologians.

This misunderstanding has been strengthened by the fact that most of those who become Christians have adopted the lifestyle and culture of the West. He pointed out that his view of the great Prophet of Nazareth would be from the standpoint of the Orient.

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In understanding early Hindu attitudes toward Christianity, we may not to able to observe their behavior, but at least we have their writings, which gives us some glimpse of their opinion. Jesus teachings on humility, forgiveness, non-resistance and non-retaliation were at the heart of Gandhis life and practice. Right from the beginning, he was interested in attacking Christianity rather than understanding it. A previously published analysis of data from 15 European countries used an older version of survey weights. In Neo-Hindu Views of Christianity. The agent of Christianity is the church, the community of people who make up the body of believers. They were: Back to the Vedas and India for Indians. According to Radhakrishnan, The Hindu religious revival is partly the result of Western research, partly reaction against Western dominance and partly the revolt against Christian missionary propaganda Due to major differences in question wording, the ESS estimates of the percentage of Christians in each country differ considerably from Pew Research Center estimates. He often described Jesus admiringly in his lectures and discourses, so much so that he said at one time, Was not he who by his wisdom illuminated, and by his power saved a dark and wicked world? For a detailed statistical analysis combining multiple questions into scales of religious commitment and spirituality, see Chapters 3 and 5.

A previously published analysis of data from 15 European countries used an older version of survey weights. He was not interested in the historical Jesus or his miracles.

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Probably it was here he decided to exterminate Christianity in India. While the vast majority of Western Europeans identify as either Christian or religiously unaffiliated, the survey also includes interviews with people of other non-Christian religions as well as with some who decline to answer questions about their religious identity.

The Year 7 class was overwhelmed because their time, hard work and service helped change the lives of Indonesian families forever. But a clear pattern emerges: Both church-attending and non-practicing Christians are more likely than religiously unaffiliated adults in Western Europe to voice anti-immigrant and anti-minority views.

Although their faith tradition is historical—i.

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In the words of S. Heimsaths comments are worth noting in this context.

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His attacks on Christianity and missionary activities were deliberate and strongly biased. Dayanand and the Arya Samaj demonstrate a kind of attitude toward Christianity that is representative of a section of Hindu extremists. As explained in greater detail throughout this report, the findings suggest that the answer is partly a matter of religious beliefs, partly a matter of attitudes toward the role of religion in society, and partly a matter of views on national identity, immigrants and religious minorities. I like to point out those who do not have the right theology or doctrine. Because of social and cultural reasons and pressures, people reject baptism and membership in the institutionalized church Daniel Remain humble and keep your praise towards God. Instead, there seems to have been a competition: 'I saw him,' 'So did I,' 'The women saw him first,' 'No, I did; they didn't see him at all,' and so on.
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Attitudes of Christians in Western Europe