A debate on corporal punishment

Should corporal punishment be allowed in schools essay

Corporal punishment can be associated with higher rates of aggression, more substance abuse and an increased risk of crime and violence as many victims of corporal punishment tend to lash out and repeat this abuse as they don't know any better. Phil show explained the effects of corporal punishment perfectly. Erin Carrock Portland, Ore. Teachers can impose a detention, regards of the child's retort. Although The United States Supreme Court ruled in that corporal punishment is still a lawful form of punishment in schools, as long as it's confined to spanking or paddling, local legislation is allowed to override this edict. What does detention do other than waste your time? Is that fair? If a student is acting out due to mental illness and they are punished for it, that will make the mental illness worse. Corporal punishment has been used by a majority of households and education centers for thousands of years until very recently. The economy is hurting. Styles In schools and at home, corporal punishment CP is when a parent, legal guardian, or education administrator attempts to stop an unwanted behavior by causing the child to feel physical discomfort or pain.

There is a reason for this. Hitting a child can lead to permanent damage such as depression, Scars, And many more health problems.

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It would just make them more angry and aggressive, if anything. Phil is such an expert I guess his expertise is wiser than our ancestors and our elders who have effectively used corporal punishment to discipline their children- our parents and grandparents even. Children also realize this and a lot of their acting out is because they feel neglected by their fathers.

A debate on corporal punishment

The law is there simply to protect the children. I was a very good kid in school. It would encourage me to do my work, But so would rewards like candy or as we have at our school, Horseshoes, Which is better than physical abuse. If they want to outlaw corporal punishment then they need to provide supports that are just as effective in deterrence as corporal punishment for parents and teachers to use. A threat is no good unless there is some fearful truth behind it. The economy is hurting. Also, a student can falsely claim that they were abused by a teacher. On the other hand, the opposing argument contradicts itself.

If paddling were allowed at our school, certain students would probably be paddled over and over. A frustrated caregiver may start off by spanking a child, but when they don't get the response they are seeking from the child, begin to hit harder and harder.

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Then they develop fear and hate.

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Why should corporal punishment be banned in schools