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Political advertising remains the communication format that dominates presidential campaign. If you look at some of the Kennedy-Nixon ads fromthere is a fair amount of substance in them compared to what you see today.

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How did we get here? There would seem to be, in short, a reason to expect TV ads to stimulate voting. Or that he would give NATO commanders authority to use nuclear weapons without prior presidential authorization. The overwhelming volume of advertising in most areas makes their message all but inescapable. Robert Mann is a political historian, former U. An important function of advertising in political issues is to identify a candidate and differentiate it from others; this creates an awareness of the candidate and provides a basis for people to choose the advertised candidate over other candidates. Voting is not a purely rational act. The next innovation, already with us to some degree, is nano-targeted TV spots, which will resemble the ads we see on the web but will be on TV. The stakes are too high to stay home. Related Content Russian Burger King Campaign Isn't the First to Mix Art and Advertising Half a century later, we live in the world of negative political advertising that Daisy Girl pioneered, but there are some curious aspects to the story.

One little-shown Johnson campaign spot has proven to be one of the most memorable political ads ever. What is each ad about?

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Or that he had written that the U. Mad Men has the answer, of course.

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The viewer had to piece it together and make the connection. Divide the class into six small groups. In his nomination speech, he appealed to conservative "purists" and threw down the gauntlet to Republican moderates with the famous words "Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice. He favored intuition. Ask each group to analyze one of the following ads. A 3-year-old girl in a simple dress counted as she plucked daisy petals in a sun-dappled field. Elizabeth Weingarten is editorial assistant at the New America Foundation. The Daisy ad, which aired only once during the September 7 NBC broadcast of Monday Night at the Movies features a little girl innocently counting petals as she plucks them off of a flower. For example Because of the power of images within ads and their relatively low cost practically and strategically , political candidates can realize enormous benefits by designing campaigns images that appeal to the visual references of voters Minkovski. To persuade someone, especially in the political realm, a campaign must target emotions.

Those were strong because they were effectively using real people. Feeney: What are some devices that were used effectively in more recent campaign ads?

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Lyndon B. Johnson: Campaigns and Elections